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BitTorrent 簡單的說就是一套BT下載器,它採用多點對多點的技術,當越多人下載該檔案種子時,您下載的速度就會提升,這也就是P2P傳輸檔案的原則,您是下載者同時也是分享者。(維基百科:BitTorrent (協定))

bt下載器 推薦軟體 BitTorrent 7.7


  • Ultra-fast file delivery
    Our technology breaks big files down into small pieces. The files are then downloaded, piece by piece, from one or many different sources. Since the files are broken down into tiny bites, you use less bandwidth. Which means your downloads move a lot faster.
  • Free, unlimited downloading
    With BitTorrent, there are no limits to the number of files you can download, or the amount of data you can move.
  • Built-in bandwidth booster
    BitTorrent auto-adjusts bandwidth usage, based on your network and Internet connection, to ensure fast file delivery. Your downloads run in the background. Which means they’ll never slow down video chats or game play.
  • Download from anywhere with BitTorrent Remote
    Have a torrent you want to download, but you’re away from your home computer? Want to download a documentary for movie night, before you leave the office?

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